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Louise Rennison Collection 12 Book Set is written by a well known author called Georgia Nicolson. This series involves the records of exploits of a teenage girl called Georgia Nicolson and her best friends Ace Gang. This book summaries event in Georgia’s life, how she grows up in England, along with a group of her closes friends.

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The Keys to the Kingdom is a 7 books set of collection written by Garth Nix, the popular author of children’s and adult fantasy novels.Grath Nix is somewhat different from others writers, for writing the fantasy, magic , mystery, history with a full seam of unique distinction. His novels truly based upon all type of genres that makes readers more anxious to read.The keys to the Kingdom series, titles included in this set are - 1. Mister Monday, 2. Grim Tuesday, 3. Drowned Wednesday, 4. Sir Thursday, 5. Lady Friday, 6. Superior Saturday, 7. Lord Sunday

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Fighting Fantasy is a classic of the fantasy adventures, collective novels also known as game-books containing set of 10 books that were created by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. Steve Jackson is a game designer and writer where as Ian Livingstone is an author who writes fantasy books. Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone are the authors of popular and dominant series of Fighting Fantasy.Fighting Fantasy game-books are designed for kids with the adventures in various fantasy worlds with unique characters that resemble the tasks into a glorified fictional world. Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone did themselves a picture game-books with all tasks that draws the reader’s attention in to a fantasy world. Adventures, miracles, mysteries all are the parts of those books, in which the characters are set in fantasy, horror, modern day and Science fiction.

Fighting Fantasy books Collection includes: 1. The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, 2. The Citadel of Chaos, 3. Deathtrap Dungeon, 4. Stormslayer, 5. Creature of Havoc, 6. City of Thieves, 7. Blood Bones, 8. Night Necromancer, 9. House of Hell, 10. Eye of the Dragon.

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Join the twins as they arrive at St Clare’s and take after their experiences as they delight in midnight feasts, play tricks on the teachers, make friends and grow up to turn into the head young girls. Enid Blyton arrangement will be cherished today to the extent that it was the point at which it was initially distributed in the 1940s! 

The Milly, Molly collection of children books composed by celebrated writer Gill Pittar. Milly and Molly may look very changed however they are the best of companions and feel just the same. Together, in their little nation town, they impart each adventure that comes their direction. As they face the world, they learn about friendship and what it intends to share, be honest, forgive, trust and respect others.

The stories bargain with the sorts of questions and trials that young children face every day and many  different zones that are challenging to vigorous kids.

Ken Lake and his daughter Angie start writing in the summer of 2009. The first book for his grandsons Ryan and Mikey. The first book is Granddad and the Magic Glasses. He is very talented and he wrote intelligently. Angie is also writing a set of five books for a slightly older age group for the same publisher. I have also completed another set of ten children’s book based on ponies and people at a livery yard. This set will target younger children with an interest in ponies. So you can see why Ken and Angie have been labelled; one of the most successful and prolific father and daughter co-author partnerships writing today.

Clarence the Camel is the one of the novel in the Diaries of Robins Toys series. This series is particularly for kids and this is the story all about Robin and his granddad. His grandpa buys gifts at every weekend. Robin and with the help of grandpa’s magic spell, they bring them to life. Each toy has a fascinating new story to tell Robin, and helps to teach him some very important life lessons.

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The Heartland Series is an Exciting Series of Stories for Girls Who Love Horses Heartland Lauren Brooke Collection 11 Books Set. Every New Day Amy is faced with a problem that she just can’t solve. How can she make a demoralized horse want to show jump again. An old Native American horse healer, deep in the Appalachian Mountains, could be her only chance to save Mercury’s career. Heartland is a place like no other - a place where the scars of the past can be healed, a place where frightened and abused horses learn to trust again. When Amy meets Daniel, she is stunned. She can’t figure out how someone with so much love for his horse can be so cold to everyone else. But as Amy gets to know Daniel, she begins to understand him. She respects that he won’t give in to the spectacle of the show circuit-and that he doesn’t care what others say about his horse. Daniel rides Amber like it’s the two of them against the world. 

This book is all about a girl and horse, it’s a wonderful book which makes to cry anyone after reading. It contains the following books, such as: Coming Home, After the Storm, Breaking Free, Taking Chances, Come What May, One Day You’ll Know, Out of the Darkness, Thicker than water, Every New Day, Tomorrow’s Promise, True Enough.

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Divergent Series all about teenagers. Veronica Roth reconnoiter keynote of teenage angst, love and betrayal through a very prejudiced eye. the story line about glorious young girl. She lived in poverty on the streets of the Chicago city, because poverty she against the city government and then  she become cruel lady terrorists.

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